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Learn How to Order Online

We have made ordering online very simple for you. You can even order without registering.

Just follow the following steps.

Choose your product




View product details and add to cart



Here you will find details about the product, including the product code, age group recommended by the manufacturer and availability

Choose product options. Eg: Tick if you want the product gift wrapped.

When you click Add to Cart a flashing greenbox will apper at the top of the page to confirm that you have added a product. Now click the 'Checkout' at the top of  page if you want to proceed and buy, or search and add more products to your shopping cart.

View more photos of the product here.




Enter delivery details and send order

Click the X if you want to delete an item. If you want to change the quantity you may change and click the green update icon. This will update the quantity and price.

If you do not have a coupon or voucher code leave the boxes blank

If you wish to say something to us please use this box. For example you could write your preferred delivery time, gift wrapping colour etc.

If your delivery address and billing address are different then you have to untick this box. Lastly check the 'Cash on Delivery' and click 'Confirm Order'. We will deliver your package within 2 hours if its a Male' address. Please see delivery information for further details.

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