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ALEX's mission is to provide children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem. The best children's activities provide lots of fun and they open a child's mind to new skills, new ideas and new worlds.

Many ALEX products have received the most prestigious honors in the industry including over 300 awards from toy review organizations and leading consumer magazines.

ALEX helps start children on a lifetime of learning and discovery.


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Alex 24 Rainbow Modeling Clays
[Code: AX266R]
Modeling clay in 24 rainbow colors (17 oz/500g). For all ages ..
MVR 99.00
Excl. GST: MVR 93.40
Alex 8 Masking Tape
[Code: AX528]
Dress up artwork, cards, notebooks and more with colored masking tape. Easy to rip, making it grea..
MVR 169.00
Excl. GST: MVR 159.43
Alex Busy Bead Maze Race Around
[Code: AX1996Z]
Get ready for a day at the races! Little ones can move the chunky bead pieces shaped like a car, ..
MVR 1,259.00
Excl. GST: MVR 1,187.74
Alex Color A Peace Bag
[Code: AX509P]
Design and color your own bag! Use the bright markers to fill-in the preprinted peace sign design ..
MVR 579.00 MVR 499.00 [14% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 470.75
Alex Duct Tape Jewelry
[Code: AX766W]
Ready for the latest craze in duct tape? Kick it up a notch with jewelry accented with our new me..
MVR 399.00
Excl. GST: MVR 376.42
Alex Gigantic 3 In 1 Net Set
[Code: AX774X]
Get ready for big outdoor fun! Play 3 over the top, over-sized games in your backyard, the park or..
MVR 909.00 MVR 799.00 [12% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 753.77
Alex Magnetic Letters 36pcs
[Code: AX431-3]
Magnetic Letters can be used on refrigerators, magnetic boards and lots of other places! Learn th..
MVR 119.00 MVR 99.00 [17% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 93.40
Alex My Sewing Kit
[Code: AX191T]
Time away from the computer screen or television can be a great opportunity for learning a new cra..
MVR 509.00 MVR 499.00 [2% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 470.75
Alex My Sticker Art
[Code: AX524W]
Little ones will love to play with all the bright, colorful stickers in My Sticker Art! Create fou..
MVR 259.00 MVR 199.00 [23% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 187.74
Alex My Wall Easel
[Code: AX31N]
Turn any wall space into place for creating art or displaying your work with My Wall Easel-White. ..
MVR 1,389.00
Excl. GST: MVR 1,310.38
Alex Paper Tube Ocean
[Code: AX1418-5]
Look what you can make with paper tubes! A goldfish, seahorse, lobster and a jellyfish. This kit ..
MVR 179.00
Excl. GST: MVR 168.87
Alex Pirate Matching
[Code: AX1462]
Sail away on a memorable voyage with Pirate Matching! This memory skill game comes in a cool pirate-..
MVR 369.00 MVR 299.00 [19% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 282.08
Alex Pops - 3 Happy Birds
[Code: AX1196-5]
Three little birdswaiting for you to bring them to life! A fun craft for younger children and par..
MVR 49.00
Excl. GST: MVR 46.23
Alex Pops - Little Launchers Straw Rockets
[Code: AX1306-5]
Fold, stick and blast 4 rockets with a puff of air! Launcher Straw Rockets includes 4 bendy ..
MVR 49.00
Excl. GST: MVR 46.23
Alex Singles Strip
[Code: AX993]
Assortment of 4 fashion accessory mini kits. Craft on the go Best Friends - Frienship W..
MVR 49.00
Excl. GST: MVR 46.23
Alex So Much Lanyard
[Code: AX118W]
The quintessential summer camp activity for making friendship bracelets. So Much Lanyard by ALEX c..
MVR 279.00
Excl. GST: MVR 263.21
Alex Spa Glow Tattoos
[Code: AX623050-3]
ALEX Spa Show Your Glow Tattoos are perfect for sleepovers, dances or any nighttime parties. With..
MVR 149.00
Excl. GST: MVR 140.57
Alex Studio Expressions Draw & Sketch Case Set-Pink
[Code: AX58WP]
ALEX Art Studio Expressions Drawing & Sketch Case Set is a bright and colorful way to carry a..
MVR 799.00
Excl. GST: MVR 753.77
Alex Wooden Dough Tools
[Code: AX216T]
ALEX Art Wooden Dough Tools Set sparks fun and creativity as kids form dough into imaginative sha..
MVR 389.00
Excl. GST: MVR 366.98
Alex Yoga Activity Blocks
[Code: AX245002-5]
ALEX Active Yoga Activity Blocks allows kids to work on strength balance and focus while playing ..
MVR 289.00
Excl. GST: MVR 272.64
Alex Yoga Activity Mat
[Code: AX245001-5]
ALEX Active Yoga Activity Mat lets a young Yoga Sadhaka practice their poses in comfort. With 24 ..
MVR 389.00
Excl. GST: MVR 366.98
Alex 1,2 Tie My Shoe
[Code: AX570WN]
It's a lesson card. It's a bright giant shoe. Any way you look at it, it's a fun way to learn shoe..
MVR 429.00 MVR 299.00 [30% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 282.08
Alex 5 Neon Gel Pens
[Code: AX975N]
Write away in neon colors! For all ages ..
MVR 79.00
Excl. GST: MVR 74.53
Alex 5 Tropical Gel Pens
[Code: AX975F]
Gel pens in 5 bright tropical colors! For all ages ..
MVR 79.00
Excl. GST: MVR 74.53
Alex 6 Metallic Oil Pastels
[Code: AX203M]
6 bright metallic colors! For all ages ..
MVR 79.00
Excl. GST: MVR 74.53
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