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Microduino mCookie USBTTL-C

Microduino mCookie USBTTL-C
Product Code: MOMCA013
Package Size: 7 x 1 x 10.2 inches
Age Group: 9yr+
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The mCookie USBTTL module, based on FT232Rl chip from FTDI company, can be directly connected with mCookie-Core, mCookie-Core+ or mCookie-CoreRF,  to let them communicate with the computer to download programs or debug serial ports.


  • When downloading programs, you can use it, and it can be reused.
  • When debugging serial ports, you can directly use MicroUSB to supply power.


USBTTL is the chip with an interface for transmission from USB to serial UART interface, and it can also transfer to synchronized or asynchronous Bit-Bang interface mode. FTDI provides driving programs under various operation system (OS). The design is simple, it is easy to use, and the compatibility is excellent:

  • USBTTL integrates EEPROM, which can be used in the configuration of IO and to store USB VID serial number and products description information.
  • USBTTL integrates level translator, which makes its I/O level supports 5V—2.8V width range;at the same time, the driving ability of I/O pins is strong, and they can drive multiple devices or longer USB cable;
  • The inside of USBTTL integrates power on reset, so the chip can produce clock by itself, without external crystal clock oscillator, and the inside integrates power supply decoupling RC circuit; it saves cost.
  • USBTTL meets the RoHS standard.


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Age Group 9yr+
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