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Microduino mCookie Motion

Microduino mCookie Motion
Product Code: MOMCBP11
Package Size: 5 x 1 x 7.2 inches
Age Group: 9yr+
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The vector sensor module features a gravity sensing gyroscope, magnetic field detection, and pressure sensing.

Compatible with the mCookie series. The mCookie Motion module integrates three sensors including a three-axis accelerometer+ three-axis gyroscope (MPU6050) and a digital barometer sensor(BMP180), which adopts I2C interface and connects with the core modules. It can be widely used in projects such as model airplane and self-balance robot.


  • All sensors communicate with I2C, which can save IO port and can be widely used.
  • Small, stackable and economic.
  • Easy to be integrated to pegboards with 2.54-pitch female header connector interface.


Digital Barometer Sensor: BMP180
  • BMP180 includes a resistance-type pressure sensor, an AD converter and a control unit.
    • Control unit contains E2PROM and I2C interface. For E2PROM, it saves 176-bit separate standard data and these data are used for adding parameters of temperature dependency and sensors.
  • Distance range: 300hPa-1100hPa (Correspond to altitude from -500m to +9000m)
  • Absolute accuracy can reach 0.03hPa to the lowest.
  • UP=Universal pressure data(16 to 19bit)
  • UT=Universal temperature data(0 to 15bit)
  • It integrates a three-axis MEMS gyroscope and accelerator as well as an extensible Digital Motion Processor (DMP);
  • Output fusion data of the 6-axis or 9-axis rotation matrix, Aaternion and EulerAngleforma;
  • Own accuracy of 131LSBs/°/sec and full-lattice sensing range including ±250, ±500, ±1000 and ±2000°/sec;
  • Programmable control: The program control range is±2g, ±4g, ±8g, and ±16;
  • Remove sensitivity between accelerator and gyroscope; Reduce sensor drift and effects brought by settings.
  • DMP engine can reduce burden brought by complicated fusion data, sensing device synchronization and altitude induction.
  • Temperature sensor with digital output;
  • Operation current for gyroscope: 5mA; Standby current for gyroscope: 5uA; Operation current for accelerator: 500uA; Accelerator current under power saving mode: 40uA @ 10Hz up to 400kHz fast mode of IIC.


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Age Group 9yr+
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