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LEGO Tower Building Challenge 2023


1. Introduction
Are you a builder? Or like a challenge? This one is just for you. We are excited to announce our LEGO Tower Building Challenge 2023. This Tower Building Challenge enables LEGO enthusiasts to showcase their LEGO building skills. The winner will be the one who builds the tallest tower, and it would be the first LEGO record in Maldives along with a cash prize of MVR 10,000. The world record currently stands at 114 feet. How tall can you build?

2. Goal
Your goal is to build the tallest tower that you can, made of just LEGO brand bricks. The tower should be able to carry a weight of 500g (e.g. half a litre water bottle).

3. How to participate
Build your tower on your own or with your team members. You can do this at the comfort of your own home. Submit clear photos and videos showing your build with the height measurement in centimeter via this google form.

4. Judging
We will judge your tower based on height and shortlist the three tallest towers at the end of the competition. Our judges will visit you to verify your build and confirm the official height. You may also be asked to take apart the tower in the presence of the judges.

5. Prize
The participant(s) who has the tallest tower will be the winner. Prize is MVR 10,000 cash, and the first record for tallest LEGO tower in Maldives.

6. Rules
The tower must meet the following conditions:

  1. Consist of LEGO brand bricks only. These can be Classic/Duplo/Technic or any other
  2. Be self-standing on a flat surface without any additional support.
  3. Be able to carry a weight of 500g at the top (e.g. half litre water bottle)
  4. Glue, tape, ropes, and chains CANNOT be used even if those comes in LEGO sets. You may use any number of bricks.
  5. Your photos and videos must clearly show you have followed these rules.
  6. A team can submit a maximum of 3 towers (e.g. if you want to improve upon your previous tower). Only the last submission will be considered for judging.
  7. The height will be measured from the bottom surface to the top where the weight will be carried, rounded DOWN to the nearest whole number centimeters. Eg: A 52.8cm measurement will have a judged height at 52cm.

        NOTE: It is not necessary to submit 3 towers. You can submit only one tower for the competition.

7. Who can participate
This competition is open to participants of all ages, individually or as a team.

8. Deadline
The competition lasts from 23 June 2023 to 31 August 2023
Note: All the submissions will be uploaded onto our Lego Experience Store Instagram page. At the end of each week, we will announce the top builder with the tallest tower.

9. Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I submit more than one submission?
A: Yes, you can. We will allow a maximum of 3 submissions. We will judge your latest submission only.

Q: I live in an island. What if I am shortlisted for verification?
A: You will have to come to Male’ for verification. We can only visit shortlisted participants who live in Greater Male’ Region (Male’, Villimale’, and Hulhumale’).

Q: Can I use LEGO TECHNIC bricks or DUPLO bricks?
A: Yes.

Q: I have a question not answered here. What should I do?  
A: All queries regarding the competition should be emailed to or sent to our Viber number 7521717. 

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