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Above 7 years

Above 7  years

Seven is a great age, when your child is becoming independent and has moved beyond the mood swings and inconsolability of earlier years. Peers are becoming more important, but still don’t rule children’s frame of mind as they will in a few years.

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Alex Singles Strip
[Code: AX993]
Assortment of 4 fashion accessory mini kits. Craft on the go Best Friends - Frienship W..
MVR 49.00
Excl. GST: MVR 46.23
Funskool Chess Classic
[Code: FS9724000]
Sharpen Your Child's Mental Skills One of the oldest games the world has ever seen, the..
MVR 149.00
Excl. GST: MVR 140.57
Funskool Knitting Jenny
[Code: FS9832200]
Set up a little loom at home with a knitting machine, yarn and needle. With an instruction manual ..
MVR 159.00
Excl. GST: MVR 150.00
Funskool Origami Zoo
[Code: FS9609400]
MVR 159.00
Excl. GST: MVR 150.00
Galt Brilliant Hair Bands
[Code: GA1004309]
Make 8 cool hair braids by plaiting together colourful fabric strips with flowers and beads. Simp..
MVR 289.00
Excl. GST: MVR 272.64
Galt First Knitting
[Code: GA1003460]
Create a knitted bag, cute purse and fun pompom scarf using the French knitter, knitting needles ..
MVR 249.00
Excl. GST: MVR 234.91
Galt Friendship Bracelets
[Code: GA1004393]
Create plaited and woven friendship bracelets with colourful threads, beads and ribbon. Make cool..
MVR 199.00
Excl. GST: MVR 187.74
Galt Modelling Clay 1.8kg (4lb) Pack
[Code: GAA0408K]
A pliable modelling clay which hardens naturally when left to dry. Ideal for creating models and o..
MVR 189.00
Excl. GST: MVR 178.30
Galt Paintbox
[Code: GAA3312L]
Painting set with 21 paint discs and paintbrush. An ideal introduction to watercolour painting for..
MVR 149.00
Excl. GST: MVR 140.57
Galt Paper Planes
[Code: GA1105266]
Make 10 different paper planes following the step by step guide. Includes 40 sheets of patterned p..
MVR 199.00
Excl. GST: MVR 187.74
Galt Sensational Sequins - Fairies and Unicorns
[Code: GA1004117]
Create 4 sparkly sequin pictures to hang in your room. Simply peel off the backing sheet, pick up ..
MVR 199.00
Excl. GST: MVR 187.74
Galt Sewing Case
[Code: GA1004270]
Create a cottage cushion, puppy in a handbag, decorative bunting, cupcake box, hedgehog pin cushi..
MVR 559.00
Excl. GST: MVR 527.36
Galt Sparkle Jewellery Box
[Code: GA1003835]
Decorate your very own heart-shaped jewellery box with sparkly stick-on gems. Simply gem by numbe..
MVR 399.00
Excl. GST: MVR 376.42
Galt Times Tables
[Code: GAL3141F]
A fun learning series of 32-page full colour books with activities to support Key Stage 1. Written..
MVR 99.00
Excl. GST: MVR 93.40
Melissa & Doug Doll Bathroom Furniture Set
[Code: MD2584]
This exquisite four-piece bathroom set has everything needed for this very "necessary" room. Th..
MVR 599.00 MVR 420.00 [30% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 396.23
Melissa & Doug Doll Dining Room Furniture Set
[Code: MD2586]
This luxurious set includes a pedestal table, four armchairs with plush, velvety red upholstery..
MVR 759.00 MVR 532.00 [30% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 501.89
Melissa & Doug Doll Living Room Furniture Set
[Code: MD2581]
It's easy to decorate your living room with this 9-piece set of opulent living room furnishings..
MVR 759.00
Excl. GST: MVR 716.04
Galt First Pottery
[Code: GA1003466]
Make and paint a variety of clay pots with this cool kit. Learn the basic techniques of pottery t..
MVR 329.00
Excl. GST: MVR 310.38
Galt Shocking Rocket
[Code: GA1105248]
Make a water-fuelled rocket, defy gravity and learn how rockets blast off into space and other sho..
MVR 189.00
Excl. GST: MVR 178.30
Melissa & Doug Fairytale Princess
[Code: MD4009]
A beautiful princess stops her carriage by a fountain as the distant palace glows with lantern lig..
MVR 279.00
Excl. GST: MVR 263.21
Melissa & Doug Telling Time
[Code: MD5011]
Add new excitement to mealtime with these educational and entertaining double-sided, write on, wip..
MVR 69.00 MVR 49.00 [29% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 46.23
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