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LEGO is a popular line of toys manufactured by The LEGO Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company's flagship product, LEGO, consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks and an accompanying array of gears, minifigures and various other parts. Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct such objects as vehicles, buildings, and even working robots. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects. The LEGO Group is engaged in the development of children's creativity through playing and learning.

Peekaboo is the authorised distributor of LEGO in the Maldives.



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Lego Avatar Ilu Discovery
[Code: LG75575]
Kids and Avatar movie fans aged 8+ can travel to the imaginary exoplanetary moon of Pandora with ..
MVR 550.00 MVR 495.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 458.33
Lego Avatar Marko Submarine
[Code: LG75577]
Impress any Avatar fan with this 9+ LEGO® Avatar Mako Submarine (75577) toy playset. The sub is p..
MVR 1,275.00 MVR 1,148.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 1,062.96
Lego Avatar Neytiri & Thanator vs. AMP Suit Quaritch
[Code: LG75571]
Know an Avatar fan or child aged 9 and up who deserves a reward? This LEGO® Avatar Neytiri & ..
MVR 995.00 MVR 896.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 829.63
Lego Avatar Skimming Adventure
[Code: LG75576]
Avatar fans will adore this 8+ LEGO® Avatar Skimwing Adventure (75576) set. Kids and moviegoers c..
MVR 775.00 MVR 620.00 [20% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 574.07
Lego Botanical Collection Dried Flower Centerpiece
[Code: LG10314]
Cultivate a piece of home decor that requires zero maintenance with this LEGO® Icons Dried F..
MVR 1,125.00 MVR 1,013.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 937.96
Lego Botanical Collection Succulents Artificial Plant
[Code: LG10309]
Succulents are popular indoor plants and spice up your interior. The LEGO® building..
MVR 1,225.00 MVR 980.00 [20% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 907.41
Lego City 4x4 Fire Truck Rescue
[Code: LG60393]
Fire up kids’ creative imaginations with the LEGO® City 4x4 Fire Truck Rescue (60393) toy playset..
MVR 270.00 MVR 243.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 225.00
Lego City 4x4 Off-Roader Adventures
[Code: LG60387]
Kids can head out on camping vacations every day with this LEGO® City 4x4 Off-Roader Adventures (..
MVR 765.00 MVR 689.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 637.96
Lego City ATV And Otter Habitat
[Code: LG60394]
Introduce budding explorers to the wonders of nature with the LEGO® City ATV and Otter Habitat (6..
MVR 270.00 MVR 243.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 225.00
Lego City Barn & Farm Animals
[Code: LG60346]
Fun farm adventures await with the LEGO® City Barn & Farm Animals (60346) playset, featuring ..
MVR 1,130.00 MVR 1,017.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 941.67
Lego City Bathtub Stunt Bike
[Code: LG60333]
Shift kids’ play up a gear with the LEGO® City Bathtub Stunt Bike (60333) playset, featuring a fl..
MVR 235.00 MVR 212.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 196.30
Lego City Bear Stunt Bike
[Code: LG60356]
Hours of exciting play await with this LEGO® City Bear Stunt Bike (60356) toy playset for ages 5+..
MVR 240.00 MVR 192.00 [20% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 177.78
Lego City Chicken Stunt Bike
[Code: LG60310]
This action-packed flywheel-powered LEGO® City Chicken Stunt Bike (60310) playset comes with an a..
MVR 235.00 MVR 212.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 196.30
Lego City Custom Car Garage
[Code: LG60389]
Customizing cars is child’s play with the LEGO® City Custom Car Garage (60389) playset, including..
MVR 1,165.00 MVR 1,049.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 971.30
Lego City Cyber Stunt Bike
[Code: LG60358]
Power up kids’ play with this fun LEGO® City Cyber Stunt Bike (60358) set for ages 5+, featuring ..
MVR 240.00 MVR 216.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 200.00
Lego City Double Loop Stunt Arena
[Code: LG60339]
This LEGO® City Double Loop Stunt Arena (60339) playset is packed with features and comes with 2 ..
MVR 2,475.00 MVR 2,228.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 2,062.96
Lego City Emergency Vehicles HQ
[Code: LG60371]
Kids get to join the police, ambulance and fire rescue services with this all-in-one LEGO® City E..
MVR 1,515.00 MVR 1,364.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 1,262.96
Lego City Exploration Arctic Explorer Snowmobile
[Code: LG60376]
This LEGO® City Arctic Explorer Snowmobile (60376) playset, makes a great introduction to the ima..
MVR 225.00 MVR 203.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 187.96
Lego City Express Passenger Train
[Code: LG60337]
The LEGO® City Express Passenger Train set (60337) includes a remote-controlled bullet locomotive..
MVR 3,995.00 MVR 3,596.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 3,329.63
Lego City Fire Fire Command Truck
[Code: LG60374]
Add a spark to kids’ firefighting play with the LEGO® City Fire Command Truck (60374). This featu..
MVR 1,295.00 MVR 1,036.00 [20% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 959.26
Lego City Fire Fire Station
[Code: LG60215]
Protect the citizens of LEGO® City with the action-packed 60215 Fire Station, featuring a 3-level..
MVR 1,715.00 MVR 1,544.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 1,429.63
Lego City Fire Fire Station and Fire Truck
[Code: LG60375]
Spark kids’ imaginations with the LEGO® City Fire Station and Fire Truck (60375) playset, featuri..
MVR 795.00 MVR 636.00 [20% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 588.89
Lego City Fire Fire Station with Fire Truck
[Code: LG60414]
Spark kids’ imaginations with the LEGO® City Fire Station with Fire Truck (60414) toy playset for..
MVR 1,995.00 MVR 1,796.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 1,662.96
Lego City Fire Rescue & Police Chase
[Code: LG60319]
Kids who like action-packed play will love the LEGO® City Fire Rescue & Police Chase (60319) ..
MVR 705.00 MVR 635.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 587.96
Lego City Fire Rescue Boat
[Code: LG60373]
Exciting firefighting adventures await with this LEGO® City Fire Rescue Boat (60373) playset, fea..
MVR 485.00 MVR 437.00 [10% OFF]
Excl. GST: MVR 404.63
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