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LEGO is a popular line of toys manufactured by The LEGO Group, a privately held company based in Billund, Denmark. The company's flagship product, LEGO, consists of colourful interlocking plastic bricks and an accompanying array of gears, minifigures and various other parts. Lego bricks can be assembled and connected in many ways, to construct such objects as vehicles, buildings, and even working robots. Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects. The LEGO Group is engaged in the development of children's creativity through playing and learning.

Peekaboo is the authorised distributor of LEGO in the Maldives.



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Lego Ninjago Kai's Source Dragon Battle
[Code: LG71815]
The LEGO® NINJAGO® Kai’s Source Dragon Battle (71815) adventure playset helps kids aged 4+ learn ..
MVR 925.00
Excl. GST: MVR 856.48
Lego Ninjago Lloyd And Arin's Ninja Team Mechs
[Code: LG71794]
Kids aged 9+ can play out exhilarating training and battle scenes from the NINJAGO® Dragons Risin..
MVR 1,715.00
Excl. GST: MVR 1,587.96
Lego Ninjago Lloyd's Ninja Street Bike
[Code: LG71788]
LEGO® NINJAGO® Lloyd’s Ninja Street Bike (71788) makes a great gift for kids aged 4+ to help them..
MVR 270.00
Excl. GST: MVR 250.00
Lego Ninjago Ninja Dragon Temple
[Code: LG71759]
The Ninja Dragon Temple (71759) playset helps kids aged 4+ develop their building skills. It feat..
MVR 920.00
Excl. GST: MVR 851.85
Lego Ninjago Nya's Rising Dragon Strike
[Code: LG71802]
Boys and girls aged 6 and up can recreate action-packed scenes from season 2 of the NINJAGO® Drag..
MVR 245.00
Excl. GST: MVR 226.85
Lego Ninjago Nya's Water Dragon EVO
[Code: LG71800]
Ninja fans aged 6+ play out gripping adventures in the air, in the sea or on the ground with Nya’..
MVR 485.00
Excl. GST: MVR 449.07
Lego Ninjago Sora's Elemental Tech Mech
[Code: LG71807]
Boys and girls aged 7+ can recreate stories from season 2 of the NINJAGO® Dragons Rising TV show ..
MVR 485.00
Excl. GST: MVR 449.07
Lego Ninjago Sora's Transforming Mech Bike Racer
[Code: LG71792]
Sora’s Transforming Mech Bike Racer (71792) has everything kids aged 8+ need to recreate fast-pac..
MVR 1,065.00
Excl. GST: MVR 986.11
Lego Sonic The Hedgehog Amy’s Animal Rescue Island
[Code: LG76992]
Kids aged 7+ who love Sonic or caring for animals can have lots of fun with this LEGO® Sonic the ..
MVR 1,145.01
Excl. GST: MVR 1,060.19
Lego Sonic The Hedgehog Knuckles' Guardian Mech
[Code: LG76996]
Sonic fans, boys and girls aged 8+ can play out fun adventures with this LEGO® Sonic the Hedgehog..
MVR 865.00
Excl. GST: MVR 800.93
Lego Sonic The Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog Escape
[Code: LG76995]
Shadow the Hedgehog fans and kids aged 8+ can create endless stories with this LEGO® Sonic the He..
MVR 495.00
Excl. GST: MVR 458.33
Lego Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman's Death Egg Robot
[Code: LG76993]
Kids team up with Sonic to save the day with this LEGO® Sonic the Hedgehog™ Sonic vs. Dr. Eggman’..
MVR 1,495.00
Excl. GST: MVR 1,384.26
Lego Sonic The HedgehogTails’ Workshop and Tornado Plane
[Code: LG76991]
Kids aged 6+ create thrilling escapades with this LEGO® Sonic the Hedgehog™ Tails’ Workshop and T..
MVR 985.00
Excl. GST: MVR 912.04
Lego Star Wars 501 Clone Troopers Battle Pack
[Code: LG75345]
Youngsters can lead their own 501st Clone Troopers unit with this LEGO® Star Wars™ Batt..
MVR 440.00
Excl. GST: MVR 407.41
Lego Star Wars Ahsoka’s Clone Trooper
[Code: LG75359]
Kids can recreate Star Wars: The Clone Wars scenes and play out their own thrilling mis..
MVR 435.00
Excl. GST: MVR 402.78
Lego Star Wars Boarding the Tantive IV
[Code: LG75387]
Relive Darth Vader and his Stormtroopers boarding the Tantive IV in Star Wars: A New Ho..
MVR 1,385.00
Excl. GST: MVR 1,282.41
Lego Star Wars Boba Fett Mech
[Code: LG75369]
Give kids a thrilling introduction to LEGO® Star Wars™ building sets with this Boba Fet..
MVR 425.00
Excl. GST: MVR 393.52
Lego Star Wars Boba Fetts Starship
[Code: LG75344]
Give kids a cool introduction to LEGO® Star Wars™ building toys with Boba Fett’s Starsh..
MVR 270.00
Excl. GST: MVR 250.00
Lego Star Wars Captain Rex Helmet
[Code: LG75349]
Show respect for a great 501st Legion Clone Commander with this collectible, brick-built LEGO®&nb..
MVR 1,635.00
Excl. GST: MVR 1,513.89
Lego Star Wars Clone Commander Cody Helmet
[Code: LG75350]
Pay homage to a loyal soldier with this collectible LEGO® Star Wars™ Clone Commander Co..
MVR 1,635.00
Excl. GST: MVR 1,513.89
Lego Star Wars Endor Speeder Chase Diorama
[Code: LG75353]
Capture the dynamism of a thrilling Star Wars: Return of the Jedi scene with the LEGO®&..
MVR 1,695.00
Excl. GST: MVR 1,569.44
Lego Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi's Jedi Starfighter
[Code: LG75333]
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones fans may use the Force to build this LEGO® brick model of Ob..
MVR 775.00
Excl. GST: MVR 717.59
Lego Star Wars Pirate Snub Fighter
[Code: LG75346]
Invite kids to discover a whole new galaxy of adventures with a LEGO® brick-built toy model of th..
MVR 785.00
Excl. GST: MVR 726.85
Lego Star Wars R2-D2
[Code: LG75379]
Let kids build their affection for the most lovable droid in the Star Wars™ galaxy with..
MVR 2,535.00
Excl. GST: MVR 2,347.22
Lego Star Wars Stormtrooper Mech
[Code: LG75370]
Give young kids an exciting introduction to the brick-built LEGO® Star Wars™ universe w..
MVR 425.00
Excl. GST: MVR 393.52
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