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Microduino mCookie LED Matrix

Microduino mCookie LED Matrix
Product Code: MOMCBS41
Package Size: 5 x 1 x 7.2 inches
Age Group: 9yr+
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Price: MVR 255.00
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mCookie-LED Matrix module integrate 6 WS2812 LEDs, each of which has an IC control chip. They are controlled by a single bus, and the lighting status of each of them is controlled by an I/O port, which can be used as a full-color module to provide a light source.


  • Single bus control, only need one I/O port to control, and complete data receiving and decoding;
  • Built-in IC control, serial cascade interfaces which can be cascaded controlled;
  • The three primary color of each pixel can realize 256 level light display, and complete 16777216 colors whole true display, and the scanning frequency is no less than 400Hz/s;
  • Built-in power on reset circuit and power down reset circuit.


  • Electric specification:
    • Working voltage: 5V;
    • Controlling light source: WS2812*6.
  • Technical parameters:
    • WS2812 type;
    • Gray of three primary colors: adjustable 256 level;
    • Size of LED: 5mm*5mm;
    • The speed of data sending can reach 800Kbps.
  • Connection:
    • Direct adsorption on other modules;
    • Connect to pin A0 by default.


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Age Group 9yr+
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